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Transforming Ideas into Market-Ready Product'S

Welcome to the Future of Product Creation

At ProductFactoryAI, we're revolutionizing how digital products are conceived, developed, and launched. With our groundbreaking eScribe feature, we've taken product creation to the next level—automating the generation of ebooks, comprehensive sales pages, engaging marketing packs, video course descriptions, and compelling Video Sales Letters (VSL). We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation and success through strategic joint ventures.

Why Partner with Us?

Unparalleled Product Innovation:
- Our AI-driven platform, including the eScribe feature, offers a unique, end-to-end solution for content creators, enabling the creation of market-ready products with unprecedented ease and speed.

Full eBook Creation

Unlike other platforms that simply output lengthy documents, ProductFactoryAI stands out by offering a comprehensive solution for creating full eBooks, allowing for productions of up to 60,000 words. 

This capacity isn't just a figure; it aligns with the industry standard for a mid-sized novel, ensuring that authors can fully realize their vision without the constraints imposed by less capable systems. 

Our commitment to supporting your creative process from start to finish distinguishes ProductFactoryAI as the go-to platform for authors seeking to bring their products to life.


In the initial release, users were required to manually source and insert their own images into eBooks, a process that, while customizable, could be time-consuming and sometimes limiting.

However, with the introduction of our innovative AI image engine in the latest update, the capability to enrich your eBooks has been dramatically transformed. Now, you can generate images, illustrations, comics, and much more directly within the platform, utilizing nothing more than the descriptions from your eBook. 

This breakthrough feature not only streamlines the creation process but also opens up new avenues for creativity, allowing your words to visually come to life with unprecedented ease and precision.


In the world of digital marketing and product creation, your sales page is your frontline ambassador. It's where your audience decides whether to take the plunge or walk away. That's why ProductFactoryAI introduces Sales Page Magic, an advanced feature designed to perfectly align your sales pages with the ebooks you create, ensuring a cohesive, compelling journey from introduction to purchase.

AI-Driven Efficiency: Leveraging the latest in AI technology, Sales Page Magic automates the creation process, saving you time and resources. Say goodbye to the days of laboring over copy and design.

Customization at Your Fingertips: While our AI does the heavy lifting, you have complete control to customize and tweak your sales page to fit your unique voice and brand.


Launching a new product is an exciting venture, but it demands a robust marketing strategy to ensure its success. ProductFactoryAI simplifies this process by automating the creation of all necessary marketing materials, customized perfectly to match your new product. From engaging emails to compelling social media campaigns, and everything in between, our AI-driven platform ensures you have everything you need to make a splash in the market.

Why Choose ProductFactoryAI for Your Marketing Needs?

Targeted Content Creation: ProductFactoryAI intelligently analyzes your product to generate content that resonates with your target audience. Whether it's emails, social media posts, or press releases, each piece is crafted to engage and convert.

Automated Email Campaigns: Generate personalized email sequences designed to nurture leads and convert subscribers into customers.
Social Media Campaigns & Hashtags: Create compelling social media content complete with trending and brand-specific hashtags to amplify your reach.
Press Release Writing: Automatically generate press releases that highlight the unique selling points of your product, ready for distribution to news outlets.
Call to Actions (CTAs): Craft powerful CTAs tailored to different stages of the customer journey, designed to drive action and increase conversion rates.
SEO-Optimized Articles: Produce articles related to your product or industry, optimized for search engines to increase visibility and attract organic traffic.
-Comprehensive Marketing Pack: A complete set of marketing materials, including promotional graphics, video scripts, and more, all designed to present a unified marketing message.


In today's competitive digital landscape, engaging your audience with compelling video content and well-structured educational products is more crucial than ever. ProductFactoryAI introduces an innovative solution to effortlessly create Video Sales Letters (VSLs) and comprehensive course outlines, empowering creators, educators, and marketers to captivate their audience and elevate their sales strategy.

Why ProductFactoryAI for VSLs and Course Outlines?

Cutting-Edge Automation:** Harness the power of AI to automatically generate captivating VSL scripts and detailed course outlines, saving you time and eliminating the guesswork from content creation.

Tailored to Your Product: Each VSL and course outline is customized to highlight the unique features and benefits of your product, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.


So Easy Anyone Can Use This...

Even a complete newbie

So Easy To Do In Just A Couple Of Clicks

Among these new capabilities, users can now personalise their eBooks with custom headers and footers, which can incorporate essential elements like links and page numbers, adding a professional touch to each page.

We've also introduced comprehensive content menus that automatically organise and display all chapters, making navigation and structure clear and user-friendly.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of flexibility in the creative process, we've implemented a robust storage system. This feature not only secures your completed books but also provides the convenience of re-editing previously finished works.

And your product is ready to go...

Our Deep and High Converting Funnel

Bundle Offer

Product Factory AI Bundle

$297 One Time

  • Product Factory AI $47 One Time
  • Product Factory AI Pro $97 One Time 
  • Product Factory AI Unlimited $197 Recurring
  • Product Factory AI Personas $97 One Time
  • Product Factory AI JV Creator $97 One Time
  • Product Factory AI Traffic $97 One Time


Product Factory AI

$47 One Time

  • AI Creator For All Marketing Needs
  • 20 Email Copywriter Persona
  • Press Release Creator
  • Social Media Creator
  • Ad Creator
  • Marketing Training


Product Factory AI Pro

$97 One Time

  • AI Creator For Affiliate eBook Offers
  • AI Creator For Jv Pages For eBooks
  • Create Affiliate Emails
  • Create Affiliate Social Media
  • Affiliate JV Templates
  • JV Training


Product Factory AI Unlimited

$197 Recurring Yearly

  • AI Creator For Affiliate eBook Offers
  • AI Creator For Jv Pages For eBooks
  • Create Affiliate Emails
  • Create Affiliate Social Media
  • Affiliate JV Templates
  • JV Training


Product Factory AI Persona's

$97 One Time

  • AI Generator For Blog Posts
  • Scheduler For Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Marketing AI Generation
  • AI Featured Image Creator
  • AI Featured Image Poster
  • Traffic Training


Product Factory AI JV Creator

$97 One Time

  • AI Creator For Affiliate eBook Offers
  • AI Creator For Jv Pages For eBooks
  • Create Affiliate Emails
  • Create Affiliate Social Media
  • Affiliate JV Templates
  • JV Training


Product Factory AI Traffic

$97 One Time

  • AI Generator For Blog Posts
  • Scheduler For Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Marketing AI Generation
  • AI Featured Image Creator
  • AI Featured Image Poster
  • Traffic Training

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Indeed, we have consistently secured top rankings on hundreds of launch leaderboards and generated significant sales for our esteemed joint venture partners. If you have a high-quality product that aligns with our list, we would be delighted to drive substantial sales for you. Below are a few examples of the results from our recent campaigns.

Mo Latif

"Richard is one of our strongest super affiliates all year round. He's an exceptional marketer who as an affiliate, strategically wins contests and aims for the #1 spot for every leaderboard. He’s VERY competitive and once he commits to you, he commits till the very end. I can't recommend Richard highly enough. He's a long-term asset to any relationship. The only downside is, I wish I knew him sooner. A true performer!"

474 sales and $35622

Neil Napier

"Richard has been one of our strongest affiliates for some time now. Whenever the launch starts, he gets straight to #1 on the leaderboard, and stays there until the end. Would strongly advise any vendor to work closely with Richard."

324 sales and $29698

Abhi Dwivedi

"Richard is one of the smartest marketers I've had the opportunity to work with. He's build some incredible products, ran some of the best launch campaigns I've seen and he's one of our top affiliate. Every time Richard promotes something of ours, he ends up in top-3, with consistency and the feedback from his customers is always positive. Highly recommend working with him if you get a chance."

418 sales and $36244

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