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The eBook Market is Exploding

I am Richard Fairbairn (seven figure affiliate marketer) and along with my partner and expert coder Simon Philips I want to introduce you to EscribeAI.


As 2023 unfolds, the e-book industry boasts a remarkable valuation of USD 16.42 billion, with forecasts indicating a rise to USD 20.74 billion by 2028.

The introduction of AI instruments like ChatGPT

has significantly amplified the quantity of e-books emerging in the marketplace. The Global Ebook Market's Worth is Pegged at Around USD 16.42 Billion in 2023

The Global Ebook Market's Worth is Pegged at Around USD 16.42 Billion in 2023

Amazon holds the reigns as the predominant vendor of both tangible and e-books, seizing well over half of the sales in the United States and, according to some evaluations, surpassing 83% of the e-book market share.

The current marketplace is ablaze with AI software, witnessing thousands of copies being snatched off the virtual shelves across diverse marketplaces. It's prudent to pause and reflect on this trajectory.  First off,

our software is turbocharged

AI and ChatGPT, positioning it as one of the most coveted and cutting-edge solutions available today.Next, you're equipped with your personal eBook writer, a tool honed by some of the foremost software maestros in the industry.

Among the trending eBook genres are...

Mystery  eBooks

Science Fiction eBooks

Romance eBooks

Non Fiction eBooks

Horror eBooks

Thriller eBooks

Childrens eBooks

Fantasy eBooks

Non Fiction eBooks

Action eBooks

True Crime eBooks

Self Help eBooks

Utilizing E-Scribe, you have the liberty to craft any genre you fancy. The robust system is designed to pen down any variety of ebook you envisage, transitioning you into an ebook publisher practically overnight.

With E-Scribe, bid farewell to...

No Research

No Building Outlines

No Writing


Input your project name, select the category or fashion a new one. Settle on the words per chapter and the number of chapters you necessitate. Insert the theme you wish your book to revolve around. Next, pinpoint your audience and the writing tone. And voila, that's click one!


The system will concoct ten suggestions for book titles; pick the one that resonates or click regen for an additional ten ideas. You have the liberty to manually tweak any of the titles if a particular one catches your eye but needs a minor touch-up. Opt for the title, click next... and that's click two.


Now, the system sketches the book's outline. Yet again, you can modify or add anything to your heart's content and even "regen" the entire outline. Click next, and the system embarks on the journey of constructing your ebook. And there, that's click three!

Your eBook is now crafted and

ready for download

YET, you have the option to format it directly within the software.

Suppose you want to alter the font, insert images or links; you can accomplish that right here. In fact, the sky's the limit to what you can add. Post customization, download your eBook as a PDF, text, or doc file. Your eBook remains stored in the software, ready for any future edits. You can even regenerate the entire book if so desired.

We Are Continually Evolving E-Scribe With Fresh Features;

Here Are Some of The Recent Upgrades:

We frequently refresh E-Scribe with innovative features to retain its title as the premier ebook creator online.

We Augmented The Word Count

At E-Scribe, our mission is to magnify your content potential. Hence, we've significantly boosted our word count capacity from an initial 10,000 to a remarkable 40,000 words.

This upgrade empowers you to weave more extensive and nuanced eBooks, granting generous space to explore topics in-depth to satisfy the most curious of readers. And we're far from done;

our team is tirelessly laying the foundation to further amplify this count, ensuring you have the breadth and depth to concoct unparalleled eBook masterpieces down the line.

We Integrated Headers And Footers

Acknowledging the essence of customization and professional formatting, we've enhanced E-Scribe's export functionality. Now, as you gear up to finalize your eBook, you can seamlessly incorporate headers and footers.

This not only bestows your content with a sleek and professional guise but also facilitates in providing contextual information or branding details.

It's just one of many strides we've taken to ascertain every eBook molded through E-Scribe emanates a touch of excellence.

We Incorporated Page Numbers

In our ongoing endeavor to deliver professional-grade eBooks, we've now embedded an automatic page numbering feature in E-Scribe's export routine.

This ensures every eBook you craft is not only user-friendly for readers to navigate but also radiates a refined, traditional book-like aura.

Every detail counts, and with page numbers effortlessly included, your content ascends to a fresh plateau of professionalism and user-friendliness.

We Introduced Table Of Contents

Enjoy a smooth-sailing creation voyage with E-Scribe's automated Table of Contents feature. Say goodbye to manual placements or formatting hitches.

As you fashion your eBook, our system adeptly constructs and organizes the Table of Contents for you, ensuring easy maneuvering for your readers and a polished, professional finale for your masterpiece.


This deal as I said is unbeatable but how about we load this with bonuses?

Ebook Image Crafter System



The Integration Of Dall-E 3'S AI Technology Means You Can Generate Images That Were Once Only Possible In Your Imagination. Combine this with a comprehensive suite of editing tools, and you have a platform that not only creates but also refines and enhances. Adjust colors, add text, manipulate shapes, and much more - all with a few clicks.

The power of professional-grade graphic design is now at your fingertips. Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and the power of AI-driven design is made simple and accessible.

  • AI-Powered Image Generation
  • Extensive Text Options
  • Shape Integration
  • Advanced Image Layering
  • Outline and Fill Color Customization
  • Dropshadow Effect
  • Alignment Tools
  • Layer Management
  • Efficient Object Editing
  • Resizing and Skewing
  • Save and Edit Projects
  • PNG Download
  • Resizable Canvas
  • Image Rotation


Cybernetic Art

The digital art depicting a futuristic city in a cybernetic style, where humans and robots coexist with holographic interfaces and tech elements, has been created. You can see the blend of machinery and human form, illustrating cyborgs, humanoid robots, and futuristic interfaces in an interconnected society.


This artistic approach mimics the appearance of traditional charcoal drawings, encompassing the coarse texture and natural feel of charcoal. However, it leverages the versatility of digital tools, enabling the creation of both strong, pronounced strokes and intricate, detailed lines.

Glitch Art

This artistic approach celebrates the visual appeal of digital glitches. Artists deliberately distort or unconventionally manipulate digital data to produce unique visual anomalies and artifacts.

Neon Noir

This artistic style is influenced by film noir, merging its dark, moody ambiance with vivid neon hues. It frequently portrays rain-soaked cityscapes, enigmatic shadowed figures, and striking lighting effects.

Dreamy Fantasy

This artistic style is renowned for its captivating and fantastical imagery, showcasing elements like mythical beings, mystical forests, and celestial objects. It evokes a sense of awe, providing an escape into a realm of otherworldly beauty. The use of soft pastels, iridescent colors, and luminous effects characterizes its color scheme. To further accentuate the ethereal ambiance, it often includes features like levitating objects, stars, and sparkling particles, inviting viewers into a surreal, magical world.


This artistic style is deeply inspired by futuristic and dystopian concepts. It frequently blends vivid neon colors, urban settings, and cutting-edge technology with elements of deterioration or a rebellious spirit.


This artistic style offers a three-dimensional view without the use of perspective. It employs parallel projection and consistent angles to achieve a sense of depth, commonly utilized in video games to deliver a top-down perspective of the surroundings.

Isometric Art

This artistic style offers a three-dimensional view without the use of perspective. It employs parallel projection and consistent angles to achieve a sense of depth, commonly utilized in video games to deliver a top-down perspective of the surroundings.

And... Many More Styles...

Why This Is An Essential for Your Design Toolkit:

Versatility in Design:

Whether you're creating social media graphics, marketing materials, or personal projects, ImageCrafterAI has the tools you need.

Time-Saving Efficiency:

Streamline your design process with AI-powered image creation and intuitive editing features.

Creative Freedom:

With its array of editing tools, ImageCrafterAI provides endless possibilities for creative expression.

Ebook Product Creator

How would you like to turn your eBook into a full product that you can start to sell as your own. Why hold back? Step into the amazing world of easy and smart product making with eBook Product Creator. Let your ideas flow freely and see them transform into real, ready-to-sell products that really make a mark in the competitive world. The next era of creating products is upon us, and it all begins with eBook Product Creator.

  • Product Outline
  • Product Ideas From eBook
  • Sales Page Creator
  • Video Sales Letter Creator
  • Marketing Creator

Ebook Mastery Course PLR

In this video course I will take you through where are the best places to sell your ebooks that you create and how to make the most income using eScribe to create ebooks. It includes…

  • Best places to sell ebooks free
  • How to use eScribe to create products
  • How to create product from start to launch
  • How to structure your own PLR products
  • Your own product with eScribe for under $30
  • And much more

Plus I am including full PLR rights this means you can sell this course as your own 

Ebook Products PLR

My team and I have created a full product all about creating ebooks and turning them into fully fledged products that you can sell. This guide takes you by the hand and helps you create your very first product.

  • Full eBook unformatted
  • FulleBook formatted
  • Sales page
  • Lead page
  • All graphics
  • Full PLR license
  • Full giveaway license

Plus I am including full PLR rights this means you can sell this course as your own. 


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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

At EscribeAII, customer satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to providing exceptional value and quality to our customers. However, if for any reason you find that our product does not meet your expectations, we are here to ensure your complete satisfaction.Here’s how our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee works:


Purchase Verification:
  • Ensure you have your purchase receipt or order number as proof of purchase.
  • The 30-day period starts from the date of purchase.


Refund Request:
  • If you are unsatisfied with EscribeAI, contact our customer support team within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Explain your concerns and provide any necessary documentation.


Continuous Improvement:
  • We welcome and appreciate feedback to improve our products and services.

Please note that only the primary user who made the original purchase can request a refund. Contact our support team at support desk for any questions or to initiate a refund request. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.